Australian accused drug trafficker Cassie Sainsbury’s plea bargain has been rejected

Cassandra Sainsbury. Source: Facebook

Australian accused drug trafficker Cassie Sainsbury has had her plea bargain rejected by a Colombian judge.

The 22-year-old Adelaide woman, who was facing a 20-year jail term, had agreed to name the people involved in a drug smuggling ring in exchange for a six-year sentence at El Buen Pastor jail in Bogota.

She will now have to face trial.

In April, Sainsbury was caught trying to smuggle 5.8 kilograms of cocaine between headphones in her luggage at Bogota’s international airport.

The plea bargain had previously been postponed after she claimed last month that she was forced to smuggle drugs because her family was being threatened. The judge had suspended the hearing until today to determine if it was legal.

Prior to the rejection of the deal, senior judge Sergio Leon has raised concerns that he did not understand why she had not revealed the claims previously.

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