Australia Was The Hottest Place On Earth Last Week According To This Super-Cool Website

Next time you’re wondering how the planet’s hanging, have a look at this really cool website designed by software engineer Cameron Beccario, which creates visualisation of global weather conditions, using computer projections from existing scientific data and is updated every three hours.

It shows you the way the wind is blowing, surface temperatures – and last Friday Australia’s south-east is the hottest part of the planet.

You can use it to check wind speeds at varying heights above the earth’s surface (handy if you’re a pilot), temperatures too, the amount of preciption in the air, stretching from ground to space, how much water is in clouds and even the air pressure at sea level.

You can rotate the globe, spread it out in Mercator projection or just have fun, like you’re sitting in Thunderbird 5 looking down from space.

Here’s a tweet from Cameron showing the sorts of things it can do – in this case the winds of the polar vortex.


Now it’s your turn. Click here.

* Thanks @JoshuaWithers and @EARLCanteen on Twitter for pointing it out!

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