The enormous amount of transport infrastructure being built around Australia, in one chart

If you live in Australia, particularly the capital cities, it’s hard to miss the amount of transport infrastructure currently under construction.

Based on the chart below from Deloitte Access Economics, you’ll be seeing a whole lot more infrastructure being built in the coming years.

Deloitte Access Economics

“Project activity in the transport sector is concentrated in a number of large road and rail developments, many of which are located in Sydney and Melbourne,” Deloitte Access Economics said.

“Major project activity is expected to reach a peak of around $19 billion in 2021.”

According to the group, the chart uses project start and end dates, weighted by project status, to estimate the future value of major road and rail projects under construction.

The chart excludes projects that are currently under consideration but not yet committed.

At a time when other parts of the Australian economy are sluggish, the pipeline of transport infrastructure work will provide welcome boost to activity and employment.

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