Australia will miss out on Tesla's awesome new feature

Tesla. Photo: Getty Images

Tesla released version 7.1 of the Model S software yesterday, with one key new feature that has everyone excited.

It’s called Summon mode and lets you park your car without anyone in the driver’s seat. You can even call your car out of its parking spot to come pick you up if you’re within 13 metres of its location.

The feature is mostly designed to help people park their car in tight spaces — like a single-spot garage — where you can line the car up outside, get out, press the middle button on the key and let the car slot itself in for you.

Eventually, Elon Musk says this technology will be able to drive itself across the US and find you. Need to go from LA to New York quickly and want your car there? No worries — catch your flight and your car can meet you a few hours later and better yet, it’ll even charge itself.

But, unfortunately for Australians, this feature is not coming here anytime soon with Tesla confirming legal reasons for holding it back. A similar feature on the latest BMW 7 Series was also not allowed on Australian models due to local laws.


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