Australia is getting the Tinder of real estate it always deserved, allowing you to swipe right on what could be your dream home

Swipe right for the property of your dreams. Photo: Getty Images
  • A new feature on property app Soho will allow you to swipe on property the same way you might a date.
  • Users are shown a dating profile for each property they might be interested in and then can swipe left or right accordingly.
  • The algorithm will then use your data to show you properties befitting your needs, wants and desires.

Cementing the great Australian love affair with property, the nation is getting the perfect app for its unquenchable thirst.

Users can now swipe left or right on property, just like Tinder, on property app Soho the same way you would a potential date.

“When we tested this feature with consumers, we were blown away by how much they liked it… it turns out Tinder-style swiping is actually the best way to look at property,” CEO and Airtasker co-founder Jonathan Lui said in a statement issued to Business Insider Australia.

“The feature is backed by algorithms that suggest appropriate properties based on your profile and preferences. It’s a great way to find wonderful homes in suburbs where you might never have discovered them.”

This could be your next match (Supplied)

The app serves up or ‘matches’ you to a dating-like profile for each house or apartment, including images, prices, and specifics. Unlike Tinder, you can see its exact suburb and proximity to public transport. You make your assessment and swipe away. If you’re unsure of your attraction to a property, you can swipe up instead to add it to your ‘Maybe’ list.

While it sounds like a gimmick, it could actually expedite the process of house hunting by allowing rapid-fire samples tailored to your preferences. Of course, the data Soho obtains from the public’s preference will actually be used by agents and vendors to adjust their strategies.

“It gives them much more information on how the market is reacting to their listing than they can get from other portals. They get live feedback on their property,” Lui said. “That is
crucial information that allows vendors to decide if they should aim for a higher price, for example, if demand is high.”

“We can also aggregate the data for individual listings to give live demand data at a suburb level. Of course, in all of this, we protect users’ identities and information.”

Given Tinder has become a normal way to choose a potential mate, it makes sense that a nation like ours would turn it to real estate, our one true love.

Just like in love, however, you’d be well-advised to make sure it’s a perfect fit before you commit.

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