All the proof you need that Australians think their home is more important to their well-being than family, friends or health

Village/MiramaxThe Castle.

Australians love property. They love to talk about it, read about it and watch shows about it.

Such is its importance to Australians, it’s also regarded as being the single-most important factor when it comes to our well-being, surpassing family and friends, personal safety and our standard of living – at least in the June quarter of this year.

Don’t believe us?

Take a look at the chart below from the National Australia Bank’s (NAB) latest report showing the factors that had the most impact on Australians’ well-being during the quarter.


The “home we live in” took out top spot with sentiment among men particularly strong compared to women during the quarter.

“For the average Australian, the home they live in… contributed the most to their overall sense of personal well-being in Q2 2018,” the NAB said.

Clearly, your home is truly your castle in Australia, and deemed to be more important than all other factors last quarter.

A remarkable outcome.

In overall terms, the well-being of survey respondents improved in the June quarter, lifting 2.6 points to 65.3, according to the NAB’s well-being index, leaving it unchanged from the same period a year ago.

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