Australia Post has 'digital postcards' that can take MONTHS to arrive

Sending a postcard home from a far-flung destination was the equivalent to today’s Facebook posts, showing people sunning themselves on holidays while everyone else is strapped to their desk.

But for the updates to gain the envy-factor they have to be timely.

Faced with a loss-making letter service, Australia Post gave the postcard a digital overhaul, building an app which lets you upload a holiday snap, write a message and choose who it gets sent to. The group would then print and send them to your chosen recipient.

Problem is, some are turning up months later or not at all.

Business Insider understands one holidaymaker was in Aspen in February this year when he sent one of Australia Post’s postcards home to his father-in-law.

It wasn’t dispatched by Australia Post until three-and-a-half months later, on May 20. It arrived at the address last week, two months after the supposed postmark.

Business Insider has also been told of another case where a holidaymaker tripping around Europe in January sent several postcards via the app to family in Australia. Many still haven’t arrived, but one did arrive last week, also postmarked May 20.

The Australia Post website has a message stating the Postcards app is currently being updated and that there have been a number of printing delays.

An Australia Post spokesperson confirmed there have been delays in relation to the Postcards app.

“While all postcards have been printed and dispatched, we have provided all customers with a refund to compensate them for the delay,” the spokesperson said.

“We are currently upgrading the Postcards App and enhancing its functionality and expect to have the update available by the end of August.”

The app itself is free to download from the iTunes app store and postcards sent to an address within Australia (even if you’re sending from overseas) are $1.99 each. Postcards sent to an address overseas are $2.99.

They’re all printed in, and shipped from, Australia Post’s local facilities.

Recently the beleaguered organisation enlisted the help of Australian startup Bugwolf to accelerate its digital product releases and help it become more agile as the number of letters sent declines.

In May a computer glitch left thousands of online bill payments frozen.

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