Australia Post will retrain 2000 posties to deliver parcels, as demand for package delivery doubles in just four weeks

Image: Australia Post
  • Australia Post will retrain 2000 posties to deliver parcels during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • It comes after changes approved by the federal government, including the removal of ‘priority mail’.
  • The amount of parcels being delivered has doubled in the last four weeks in Australia, and is up 80% from last year.
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Australia Post will retrain 2000 motorcycle posties to deliver parcels during the coronavirus pandemic, as demand for package delivery soars.

It comes after the Australia Post asked for temporary relief measures to help it continue with deliveries, which were approved by the federal government.

The measures included ditching the ‘priority mail’ service for letters – since Australia Post can’t guarantee delivery speed – having other letters delivered every second day in metro areas, and extending the delivery time for regular interstate letters to five days after posting. Delivery standards for rural and remote areas, however, will stay the same, with post offices also staying open.

Australia Post said the volume of parcels has doubled over the last four weeks, an 80% rise from 2019, because more Aussies are shopping online while in isolation. On the other hand, the postal services provider said demand for other products like letters has been “volatile”.

While there has been a sharp jump in the number of parcels, Australia Post has been facing challenges when it comes to deliveries.

With passenger flights being slashed, air freight availability has also gone down. And while Qantas has stepped in to help, Australia Post said it still can’t ensure Aussies can get their deliveries at the same levels as they did before the coronavirus. On top of this, Australia Post Group CEO and managing director Christine Holgate said in a statement most of the 1.8 million parcels sent each day are too big to be delivered by postie.

“This will enable posties to carry more and relieve some of the significant pressure on our parcel delivery drivers, who have been swamped with huge volumes. It will also enable parcels to be delivered every operational day across the country,” Holgate said.