Australia Post could soon be delivering packages with drones

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Australia Post is trialling the use of drones for package deliveries as early as next year.

The drones, which will cost $10,000 each, will allow packages up to 2kg to be delivered over 25km with the possibility of transporting 10kg on the discussion table.

“It meets all of the flying requirements, has backup engines, gps co-ordinates, so we can put it right on their patio,” Chief executive Ahmed Fahour told the AFR.

“It’s the thin edge of trying to demonstrate that when you think of Australia Post – they’re innovative. We’re hopefully trying to show with the lockers [for parcel pick up], the app, that we are innovative.”

The drone trials will be a new 21st century addition to the national postal service who has in recent years, faced logistical issues such as delayed services despite installing $500 million worth of “state-of-the-art” parcel sorting machines in Sydney and Melbourne last year.

Earlier this year, the mail service posted its first loss of $222 million this year with many of its users ditching letters, making the switch to electronic communication.

It is hoped that the innovative move will streamline the delivery process especially as the online gift delivery service booms with 1.3 million parcels expected to be delivered this Christmas.

The move follows recent attempts by Singapore Post who began testing package delivery via drones earlier this month and Amazon who has been pressing for the use of commercial drones for e-commerce delivery.