Australia’s population will hit 25 million today

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  • Just after 11pm today, Australia’s population will tick over to 25 million.
  • Australia has grown by 388,000 people over the past year, mainly through net overseas migration.
  • The population currently grows by 1 new person every 83 seconds.

Sometime late today Australia’s population will reach 25 million.

Demographers McCrindle estimate the population clock will tick over to 25 million just after 11pm.

Australia grows by one new person every 83 seconds. By 2020 Australia will reach a population of 26 million, in 2030 30 million, and by 2048 more than 40 million.

The country has grown by 388,000 people over the past year, which is like almost adding an extra Canberra in 12 months.

Almost two thirds (62%) of Australia’s growth is occurring through net overseas migration, and 38% is from natural increase (births minus deaths).

Australia has increased its population by one third in the last 20 years, from 18.5 million in 1997 to 25 million today.

This record population growth exceeded all forecasts. It took just two and a half years to add the last million people. The previous million took two years and nine months.

Source: McCrindle

In 1998, the Australian Bureau of Statistics predicted that, based on low-growth assumptions, Australia’s population would reach 23.5 million people in 2051, a benchmark it went on to achieve in July 2014.

The mid-growth forecast of 24.9 million people by 2051 has now been reached, 33 years.

The upper end forecast of 26.4 million, based on high-growth assumptions, will be reached in mid-2021, less than three years away.

Melbourne grew by 125,424 (almost the size of Darwin) and Sydney grew by 101,558 people in 2017, (the size of Ballarat). Sydney grew at 2.02% in 2017, while Melbourne has been catching up, growing at an even faster rate of 2.65%.

These major Australian cities are both growing faster than the national average growth rate of 1.59%.

According to the Greater Sydney Region Plan, Sydney is projected to grow to 8 million residents by 2056, while Melbourne is forecast to reach 8 million six years earlier in 2050, according to Plan Melbourne.

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