Australia now has a Shadow Minister for Startups

Ed Husic at Tank Stream Labs | Getty Images

Ed Husic has been named the new Shadow Parliamentary Secretary Assisting with Digital Innovation and Startups. It is the first time startups have been recognised with a role in the Shadow Ministry.

Husic emphasised Labor’s recent proposals targeted at startups, including coding in schools, a gap year for students to create their own companies and co-investing in early stage companies.

The move comes as new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has brought a lot of attention and focus to innovation and the tech sphere.

Turnbull recently promoted Wyatt Roy to Assistant Minister for Innovation. This weekend, Roy will be hosting a “Policy Hackathon” with startup accelerator Blue Chilli, inviting tech luminaries to discuss how policy could foster the startup sphere.

Husic says Labor will be developing and releasing further policies for startups in the coming weeks and months.

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