Australia now has 2.5 million TikTok users, adding nearly a million in the first half of 2020

  • Despite a backlash against the platform over its links to China, TikTok has only become more popular in Australia.
  • According to new survey data, the company’s Australian user base has grown by almost a million to reach 2.5 million users as of June this year.
  • Women and younger users have driven much of the growth, but there’s been uptake across demographics.
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TikTok may have had a shaky 2020, but that hasn’t stopped Australian users from flocking to use the social video platform.

New data from Roy Morgan suggests that TikTok has grown its Australian user base significantly as the company expands its operations down under.

According to survey results, nearly 2.5 million Australians use TikTok in an average four week period.

This number has grown by more than 50% during 2020, as the company added 850,000 new Australian users.

While the survey captured growth in users from different groups, it also shows that the growth isn’t uniform across demographics.

Perhaps predictably, TikTok remains a platform primarily used by younger users.

70% of all Australian users are born after 1991. After that, each subsequent generation of users — from the 463,000 millenials to the 18,000 ‘pre-boomers’ using the app — is smaller than the one before it.

There’s a gender gap, too. TikTok’s Australian user base seems to be disproportionately women.

About 1.5 million Australian TikTok users are women, compared to slightly less than 1 million male users.

According to Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levin, the survey’s results are a strong showing for the ‘new kid’ on the social media scene.

“Australia’s ‘digital natives’ born this century have grown up surrounded by powerful and frictionless technology as the norm and have taken quickly to TikTok.”

“The highest rate of usage is for ‘tweens’ aged 10-13 years old with nearly 40% on TikTok, and teens aged 14-17 years old with almost 30% on the platform,” she said in a statement.

But despite TikTok’s popularity with Generation Alpha (those born since 2006), it’s not the most popular social network with that age group.

More than twice as many of them have used YouTube (1.9million users) than TikTok (746,000), Instagram (494,000) and Facebook (282,000) in the past four weeks.

The survey results were based on 8,000 Australians aged 14 and older and 1,000 Australians aged 6-13 in the first half of this year.