Huge spider found in Australian supermarket packed salad

A screenshot from the video of the spider in the salad.

You know that list of deadly things in Australian we like to scare overseas visitors with? Alongside snakes, spiders and sharks, you can now add salad.

It’s been a tough 24 hours for the lettuce industry and the already struggling supermarket business Woolworths, after a Victorian supplier’s salad leaves were found to contain salmonella, infecting 28 so far and putting two people in hospital.

Woolworths, Coles, Bi-Lo, 7-Eleven and diet meal business Lite n’ Easy are among the businesses caught up in a recall of around two dozen salad products.

Now things are getting seriously scary after Sydneysider and arachnophobe Zoe Perry found a rather large and very much alive. Huntsman spider in her pre-packaged “Italian style” salad mix.

The post has gone viral overnight, with more than 4 million views and 70,000 shares.

Woolworths was quick to respond, saying:

We’re very concerned about this Zoe, and take incidents like this very seriously.

Please let us know your phone number and state in a Private Message at so that we can follow this up with you ASAP.

To let you know, this is not affected by our recall and the product is from a different farm and supplier. Thanks.

Huntsman spiders appear more scary than they really are. They’re the ones you should give credit to for cleaning up annoying insects around the house, especially cockroaches, but yes they do have a mildy venomous bite, which have reportedly caused swelling, pain, vomiting, headaches and heart palpitations (although those last four symptoms could be attributed to simply seeing the spider in the first place), but no one has died as a result.

At least one person found an upside with Nathan Wilson in Brisbane seeing it as a sign that the lettuce isn’t slathered with toxic pesticides.

Wilson’s post reads:

Woolworths, seeing this actually makes me more faithful to your products due to the fact it clearly means it’s fresh and clean of harsh chemical exposure.

It’s a bloody spider people! Get out of your hole and look around, spiders are a part of life. You should feel for the poor spider as it’s temporary habitat had just been harvested.

On ya Woolies~

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