Australia is using seized drug money to fight the ice epidemic

The federal government is using $18 million of criminal proceeds to help the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) fight the ice epidemic.

“This is a government that is totally focused on the things that matter to the Australian people: jobs, growth and community safety,” prime minister Tony Abbott said, adding that ice is currently one of the biggest issues facing community safety.

“Ice is the worst drug scrounge that Australia has faced,” he said.

“Because of the impact that ice has on the mental health of user” and the symptoms of violent outrages that it causes, the prime minister pledged $18 million to boost the ACC intelligence capabilities.

“The money will come from proceeds of crime,” said Abbott, “Under this government the proceeds are reinvested into fighting crime.”

The ACC will work with the states and territories to strengthen the national drug task force.

Justice Minister Michael Keenan will also work with the states and territories to have the toughest penalties for ice fueled violence.

An estimated 160,000 Australians are addicted to methamphetamine including ice.

This week Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie revealed to parliament that her 21-year-old son was battling an ice addiction.

She’s now calling for national legislation to allow parents to commit drug-addicted children into rehabilitation. Read more about that here.

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