HSBC: Here Are The Best Countries For Expat Families

Australia has ranked fifth in HSBC’s latest Expat Explorer Survey of the best countries for expatriates to live in.

The survey ranked 37 countries by costs, lifestyle and support for raising children. The top four all-round countries were China, Germany, Singapore and the Cayman Islands.

From the report (click for a larger version):

Of the 7,000 global survey participants, HSBC said almost 1 in 4 Australians (24%) were currently in Asia and a further 10% were seeking Asian postings.

Almost half (48%) of Australian expatriates were based in Europe, but HSBC found that many there were dissatisfied due to poor economic conditions, high costs and better opportunities elsewhere.

From the report, here are the top countries for raising children abroad, lifestyle, costs and economics (the latter category accounts for income as well as costs):

There’s more on HSBC’s interactive Expat Explorer website.

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