Australia is sliding as a top destination for expat workers

Anna Bay, Australia – Three tourists sandboard down a large sand dune at Stockton Beach. Photo: iStock

Australia is no longer regarded as being a top ten destination for expat workers, according to the ninth edition of the Expat Explorer report released by HSBC Bank earlier this month.

Previously a top ten regular, Australia now ranks at number 11 based off responses of nearly 27,000 expat workers from 190 different nations, displaced by the likes of New Zealand, Canada, Bahrain and the Czech Republic, along with the top overall destination, Singapore.

And according to respondents, it could be the laid-back attitude of Australians that is holding us back, deterring the most talented, career-focused expats, from relocating to our shores.

Yes, instead of encouraging expat workers, our “she’ll be right” attitude may actually be a curse, according to the survey.

In order to determine individual country rankings, HSBC scored each country based on three factors that influence the experience of an expat worker: economics, experience and family.

Here’s the top 18 countries by rank from the latest survey, along with how each nation fared by individual component.

Source: HSBC

HSBC says the economics score is determined by responses towards personal finances, confidence in the local economy and overall working life.

The experience score is largely focused on lifestyle, measuring factors such as quality of life, the community around them and the ease of establishing themselves once in the country.

Finally, the family score is based on views regarding how family-friendly the nation is, assessing factors such as cultural acceptance, education and childcare, along with the costs for each.

As highlighted in the table above, had it not been for the experiences obtained by living in Australia, our overall rating would have been significantly lower than 11.

We ranked just 18th for economics, and 20th for family, but number five in terms experience.

HSBC said that 55% of survey respondents were male, and 45% female, with 83% aged 35 years or older.

The UK, at 52%, made up the vast majority of expats surveyed.

That probably goes someway to explaining Australia’s high ranking for experience, particularly the weather. Either that or the drubbing the English delivered to the Wallabies in last year’s Cook Cup three-test series.

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