Australia is looking at introducing laptop computer bans on some flights

Photo: iStock

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull says the Australian government is looking “very closely” at whether it will introduce a laptop ban on some international flights.

In March, the US banned laptops and other electronics being used on inbound international flights from 10 airports in Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East and Africa.

While the Australian government ruled out the idea at the time, today the prime minister said the government was reviewing the situation based on the latest intelligence.

“We are taking into account all of the information and advice we’re receiving internationally and we’re working very closely with our partners,” he said.

The US ban requires passengers to place all electronic items larger than a smartphone in checked luggage so they cannot be accessed during the flight. The ban includes laptops, tablets, e-readers, portable DVD players, and gaming devices larger than a smartphone. Medical devices are exempt.

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