Australia is hosting a regional summit on tackling ISIS radicalisation

Photo: Mark Nolan/ Getty

Sydney will host a two-day summit on Countering Violent Extremism on June 11.

The regional summit will be attended by government, civil society and industry representatives from more than 30 nations, who will discuss ways to improve regional coordination and increase capacity to challenge terrorist propaganda and recruitment.

Australia’s summit follows a similar meeting held by the White House in February, which Attorney-General George Brandis was present.

Prime Minister is expected to open the Summit, while Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Minister for Justice Michael Keenan and Brandis will chair the meeting.

“A key focus of the Summit will be to identify and develop practical resources and strategies to address the shared threat posed by terrorist propaganda and exploitation of the Internet,” said Brandis.

“ISIL alone is disseminating upwards of 100,000 pieces of propaganda per day on just one social media platform, grooming and taking advantage of vulnerable individuals.”

“The Regional CVE Summit will build on the important work underway globally to implement United Nations Security Council Resolution 2178 and a report on progress in the region will be provided to the UN General Assembly Leaders’ meeting in September 2015.”

The summit is the first major counter terrorism initiative announced by the government since the budget revealed that it would be investing an extra $1.2 billion into strengthening anti-terrorism measures.

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