Australia is getting new food labels -- here's what they look like

The federal government has just released its new food labels which explain the origin of a product.

The goverment says the new labels provide clearer and simpler information about where products are made, grown and packaged.

Foods processed locally will have a new label which includes the familiar green and gold kangaroo and triangle icon, with a bar chart showing what proportion of the ingredients are from Australia.

Companies have also been encouraged to provide additional information on their labels, for example, identifying the origin of key ingredients.

Digital labelling options, which provide further detailed information, are also being developed.

Here’s what they look like.

The government says these reforms will clarify the definition of “made in” Australia. Importing ingredients and simply slicing them will no longer qualify for a “made in” claim.

The new labelling system, the result of a review in February of Australia’s Country of Origin labelling laws, will begin appearing on Australian supermarket shelves later this year. A mandatory rollout will commence in 2016, including a phased implementation period for small businesses.

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