Australia is divided after Allen's axes its spearmint leaves lollies

Allen’s, Australia’s top lolly maker, responsible for classics such as Minties, Jaffas and Fantales – and now owned by global giant Nestle – has announced it will stop making green frogs and spearmint leaves because people have stopped buying them.

“The situation is that our lollies are actually going gangbusters, but we have deleted a couple – we have deleted Spearmint Leaves and also the Green Frogs basically because they weren’t selling so well,” a spokesperson for the company told The ABC.

The axing of the classics follows Violet Crumble bags, Jelly Tots and Butter Menthol kids. Last year Nestle killed off the killer python, shrinking the snake to half its former size.

The news has divided the Business Insider office, debating whether the spearmint leaves would be missed.

Twitter has similarly strident views, splitting the nation down the middle as everyone was forced to answer the question “whose side are you on?”

Here are just some of the things people are tweeting about it.

Those for Spearmint Leaves to go:

Those against their axing:

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