Australia is deporting members of Melbourne's Apex gang

Victorian police stand guard outside St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne. Photo: William West/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Four of the Apex gang members will be deported after Australian authorities cancelled their visas.

Three of the four are from New Zealand, one is from Sudan. All are at least 18.

The trio are appealing against their visa cancellations.

While one of the Kiwis, Henry Robati, 19, has already been sent home, the others will have to serve their remaining prison sentences for crimes including assaults, armed robberies, home invasions and car thefts, according to the Herald Sun.

Police have been targeting the Apex gang, a major factor in Victoria’s youth crime, cancelling visas for members who engage in criminal activity.

The Sudanese national Issac Gatkuoth, 19, was sentenced to 14 months in youth detention for the carjacking of a car later involved in a collision that killed mother of two Amanda Matheson.

The Herald Sun has more.

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