Australia invests in outbound SmartGates at international airports

SmartGate technology at Australian international airports. Photo: Supplied

Australia’s international airports will soon be fitted with SmartGate technology for departing passengers, freeing customs and border protection officials for more security work.

The federal government will roll out up to 92 new SmartGates at a cost of $18 million.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said this will allow border authorities more time to properly identify suspicious people and those trying to leave the country to join overseas terrorist groups.

SmartGate gives eligible travellers the option to self-process through passport control. It provides a secure, efficient way to clear through passport control.

The technology uses the data in your ePassport and face recognition software to perform customs and immigration checks.

SmartGate is currently available for international arrivals at Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in New Zealand.

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