Here's the one real estate investment that could sway you to choose Melbourne over Sydney

Cole Bennetts/Getty ImagesThe view down Haldon Street in the south-western suburb of Lakemba.

If you’re looking to buy an apartment in one of Australia’s capital cites, the table below from CoreLogic may be of interest to you.

It shows the distance away from each Australian capital city where you can still buy a median-priced unit for under $500,000.


Like those looking for a schmick, inner-city house in Sydney, you may struggle to find a unit in your price range.

Lakemba, located 12.4 kilometers from Sydney’s CBD, is the closest location where the median price is still under $500,000

However, for those seeking the bright lights of inner-city living in Australia’s remaining capitals, the news is better for potential buyers.

You can still buy a unit for under $500,000 within 1.5 kilometers of every other CBD, including Australia’s second-most expensive capital city market, Melbourne.

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