How far you have to go from every Australian capital to find a house under $500,000

David McNew/Getty ImagesIt’s a fair distance in Sydney.

Buying a home in Australia is expensive, especially in the capital, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne.

While some have purchased apartments to help overcome affordability constraints, that’s not a viable option for everyone.

Some still want a backyard for the kids, or simply to avoid the stress and strain that comes with having others live so close to you.

For those on a limited budget looking to buy out, not up, this table from CoreLogic tells you how close to town you’ll be able to buy if you have $500,000 to play with.


If you’re looking for a schmick, inner-city pad in Sydney or Melbourne, you may struggle.

However, reflecting cheaper median prices elsewhere, and the fact they’re smaller in size, you may have better luck if you’re trying your luck in one of Australia’s other capital cities.

Oh and if, like Business Insider, you’ve lived in Sydney all your life, but you’re suddenly Googling Bar Point, we found it. Like Budgewoi, it’s essentially on the Central Coast, just near Mt White across the Hawkesbury River at the Mooney Mooney Bridge.

And you’d better add an extra $5000 to the cost for a tinny so you can get home after work.


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