This cool interactive tool shows you the median house price for every suburb in Australia

This is probably the coolest tool ever created for a property-loving nation like Australia.

It’s CoreLogic’s “Mapping the Market” website, an interactive tool that allows users to see the median house and unit price for every suburb in Australia.

It also allows users to compare the median price to those five years ago.

The Sydney house price map is shown below.

Source: CoreLogic

Before you ask, the dark purple shading indicates that the median price is more that $1.4 million. We’ve highlighted Point Piper where you’ll need a cool $9.7 million just to purchase the median priced house, even before other fees and charges are taken into consideration.

Once you click on the link, it explains how to use the tool so you can switch between house and unit prices and look back to what prices used to be.

You can zoom in and out and switch between cities to your heart’s content.

You can access the website here.

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