Australia Has Dropped Two Bombs On ISIS Targets In Iraq

Getty/Chung Sung-Jun

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is reporting two bombs have been dropped on Islamic State targets in Iraq.

According to a Defence Force statement, the two bombs were discharged from an F/A-18F Super Hornet overnight onto an “ISIL facility”.

“All aircraft exited the target area safely and returned to base,” the statement said.

These operations signal the first instance in which Australia has launched air strikes since the commencement of combat operations over the weekend.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that the strikes were part of continued efforts to thwart the ISIS “death cult”.

Last Friday, Abbott announced Australia would join the US in conducting air strikes against ISIS targets in Iraq.

France and the US have been striking ISIS fighters and strongholds in Iraq for a number of weeks, while the US recently took aim at targets in Syria.

Around 200 Australian special forces troops are currently awaiting the go-ahead to enter Iraq on an “advise and assist” mission, after an Australian security cabinet authorised their deployment.

More to come.

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