Australia has been named the most popular destination in the world for luxury travellers

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Australia has once again topped the 2015 Travel Dreams Survey as the favourite destination for luxury travellers, according to the magazine Virtuoso Life.

“For many travellers – especially those in the North America – Australia is so far-flung that it has real ‘wow factor’ cachet. You can’t just pop over for a weekend, so you need to spend the time and money to properly experience it,” managing editor of Virtuoso Life, Marika Cain, told Business Insider.

“It also has the added perk of allowing bucket list travellers to check off not just another country but an entire continent.”

Sales data from the survey revealed Australia to be the fastest growing destination for upmarket travellers with Virtuoso travel agencies bookings up 137 per cent from the same time period last year.

Cain says that increased air lift to Australia from North America has played a part in this increase especially when Qantas and American Airlines announced a new partnership to increase flights and add new routes in 2014.

Although popular European destinations made up the majority of the list including Italy and France, Cain says Australia’s high-end offering reflect the kind of exclusive, experiential travel that today’s travellers seek.

“There’s a real desire among well-travelled people to have a meaningful, insider experience – without sacrificing comfort,” Cain says. “Properties such as Southern Ocean Lodge, Longitude 131, Lizard Island, and Gaia Retreat and Spa cater to these travellers with gorgeous interiors, great service, and access to the natural wonders that make Australia such an alluring destination.

“Australia is accessible and welcoming, with no language barriers or major cultural differences, but it also captures travellers’ imaginations with kangaroos and koalas, the Outback and the Great Barrier Reef, and the Aboriginal culture.”

Here is the complete list.

1. Australia

2. Italy

3. New Zealand

4. France

5. Greece

6. Ireland

7. Caribbean

8. Fiji

9. England

10. Antarctica

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