Australia Had Its Hottest Year On Record In 2013

Getty/Cameron Spencer

Last year was the hottest ever recorded in Australia, according to the Bureau of Meteorology’s annual climate statement.

2013 also set the record for the hottest single day on January 7, and the number of consecutive days where the national average was above 39 degrees Celsius (between January 2 and 8).

Last year temperatures were 1.2 degrees above the long-term average of 21.8 degrees Celsius, beating the previous record set in 2005 by 0.17 degrees.

Every state and territory recorded above averages temperatures, with the highest single reading recorded during 2013 a stinking hot 49.6 at Moomba in South Australia on January 12, which was the highest temperature in Australia since 1998.

You can find out more here at The ABC.

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