Australia's gender pay gap is at its lowest in 20 years

Brook Mitchell/Getty Images
  • Australia’s gender pay gap has dropped to 14.6% from 15.3% in the past 12 months.
  • It’s now at its lowest level in 20 years.
  • But the difference in weekly pay between men and women is still $244.80 per week.

The national gender pay gap, the difference between women’s and men’s average weekly full-time base salary earnings, has reached its lowest level in 20 years.

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency, using Average Weekly Earnings from the ABS, calculates the national gender pay gap as a difference of $244.80 per week.

The gap has dropped to 14.6% from 15.3% in the past 12 months.

On average, women working full-time earn $1433.60 while men get $1678.40.

“This great result is recognition of the work employers have done in addressing issues such as pay equity,” says Libby Lyons, Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

“However, we cannot become complacent as there is still much work to do. All employers need to continue to ensure their employees are paid equitably.”

Wage growth data released yesterday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows strong growth in female wages.

Female average weekly ordinary time earnings rose by 3.4% over the year to May, the strongest rate in two years. Male earning grew by 2.4%.

Lyons says the gender pay gap reflects the fact that women’s work is traditionally undervalued and women are often paid less than men.

Average full-time salaries are lower for women than men in every occupation and industry in Australia.

Women are also under-represented in senior executive and management roles and female-dominated occupations and industries attract lower pay than male-dominated ones.

Equal Pay Day this year will be on Friday August 31, marking the 62 additional days from the end of the previous financial year that women must work to earn the same pay as men.

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