Here's proof that your home is truly your castle for many Australians

Working Dog ProductionsThe Castle.

In Australia, your home is truly your castle.

As seen in the chart below from the National Australia Bank’s (NAB) latest quarterly wellbeing report, the family home is regarded as being the single-most important factor in determining the overall sense of wellbeing among Australians.


That remarkable statistic is enhanced by the other factors the family home managed to displace for top spot, including the likes of personal safety, relationships, and your mental and physical health.

In a canter, those factors are deemed to be as important the family home when it comes to your sense of wellbeing.

Curiously, while the family home is deemed to be the most important factor for the wellbeing of Australians, the process of selling, buying or finding an appropriate home is regarded as being a net detractor from how Australians feel about their lives.

Once you’re in your home, it makes Australians feel good based on the views of survey respondents. However, when you’re looking for a new one, or your first, it has the opposite effect.

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