Australia considers extending the coronavirus travel ban to all of Europe, after Donald Trump announced the US would do the same

AAP Image/Erik Anderson
  • Scott Morrison has asked government health experts to consider whether the coronavirus travel ban should be extended to all of Europe.
  • It follows the announcement from President Donald Trump that a similar travel ban – excluding the United Kingdom – would be implemented in the US.
  • Australia’s travel ban, which currently applies to China, Iran, South Korea, and Italy, has been extended another week.
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Australia is considering whether to extend the coronavirus travel ban to cover all travel from Europe, following the announcement by President Donald Trump of a similar ban in the United States.

Speaking at a press conference, Health Minister Greg Hunt said the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee had been asked to consider whether a wider European travel ban would be appropriate out of “an abundance of caution”.

“I’m not in any way pre-empting that,” he said. “They have been frank and fearless.”

At present, the travel ban applies to China, Iran, South Korea, and Italy, and will be extended for a further week. Australians and permanent residents currently in countries subject to the ban can return, but must self-isolate for 14 days on their return.

At present, all travellers from Europe are asked to self-declare if they have been to Italy during the period of the ban.

The announcement Australia is considering a review of travel from Europe follows an announcement from President Donald Trump that the US would implement a similar ban, though there was confusion immediately following his address as to what countries would be included.

Despite Trump’s initial claim that all of Europe excluding the UK would be subject to the ban, the White House later clarified that it was specifically countries from within the Schengen Area which would be affected.

The Schengen Area does exclude the UK, but also countries like Ireland and much of eastern Europe.

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