This GPS company claims Australia could save $US25 billion a year with driverless cars

Waymo’s driverless car. (Source: Alphabet/Google/Waymo)

An Australian company claims the introduction of driverless cars would save the country $US25 billion.

Bringing together data from the World Health Organisation, World DataBank and McKinsey & Co., fleet management broking firm Global Positioning Specialists announced that Australia loses $US28.1 billion of its GDP due to traffic accidents.

The research concludes that figure would reduce to just $US2.8 billion if Australia introduced driverless cars.

“Governments will never spend on investing in things like this unless there is concrete evidence, but here we have proved there are strong economic reasons to invest in driverless technology, as well as the obvious improvement to public safety,” said head of GPS Lucile Michaut.

“This research has two facets to it, on the one hand there is the amount of money which we spend on accidents each year, which in itself is interesting. Then you realise how many of these accidents could be avoided with new driverless technology.”

Multiple manufacturers, both from the motoring and technology sectors, are currently working on getting driverless vehicles on the road. Google’s Waymo cars have been testing on Californian roads for years, with the company last year claiming to have covered 3.2 million kilometres in total.

The United States, unsurprisingly due to its large population of people and cars, topped the table with a saving of $US306 billion per year.


The full table of 74 countries can be seen here.

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