Australia Could Get An App-Store Style Star Rating For Food Health

A new health labelling system proposed for Australia would be instantly familiar to consumers.

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Sid Maher reports at The Australian this morning that federal and state health ministers will soon consider the new system, which gives incremental health ratings for food products up to five stars, in half-star increments.

That’s exactly the same star rating system for apps in the App Store and in Google Play. Consumers would get it immediately – half a star or just one is appalling; anything above three stars is probably OK.

Electrical products in Australia get a six-star rating system, which can go up to 10-stars for super-efficient products.

From the report:

The Australian understands the working group on food packaging chose to use half-star steps because the increments were small enough to encourage food manufacturers to make their products more healthful to achieve better ratings.

Priority packaged food for the new system is expected to include breakfast cereals, pre-prepared convenience meals, snacks such as potato chips, biscuits, juices and drinks, canned products, dairy products, muesli bars and bread.

There may be a row to come over this: the food industry has already been expressing concern about the scheme in correspondence with state ministers. So grab some popcorn and have a think about how many stars it should have.

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