All people returning to Australia will now be quarantined for 14 days in hotels and other facilities

Photo by Lukas Coch – Pool/Getty Images
  • All people arriving in Australia from overseas will be quarantined for 14 days in hotels and other facilities in the city of their arrival.
  • They will not be permitted to self-isolate in their homes.
  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison praised Australians for their efforts i
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All people returning to Australia from overseas will now self-isolate for 14 days in hotels in the city of their arrival, in an escalation of current quarantine requirements.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the new measures at a press conference on Friday afternoon, suggesting that current self-isolation measures have not been sufficient in controlling new arrivals.

“States and territories will be quarantining all arrivals through our airports in hotels and other accommodation facilities for the two weeks of their mandatory self-isolation before they are able to return to their home,” Morrison said.

The news follows reports that a further 41 coronavirus cases have been confirmed among passengers of the Ruby Princess cruise ship, which docked in Sydney earlier this month.

Under the new guidelines, people would be quarantined in hotels and other facilities in the city in which they arrive – not their ultimate destination.

“If their home is in South Australia or in Perth or in Tasmania and they have arrived in Melbourne, they will be quarantining in Melbourne,” the prime minister said. “If it’s in Sydney, it will be in Sydney.”

The responsibility for the cost of quarantine accommodation is being handled by the states and territories.

Morrison announced the Australian Defence Force would be called in to assist states and territories in ensuring those who are currently in self-isolation in their own homes adhered to the restrictions.

Prior to announcing the new measures, Morrison praised the Australian public for their “magnificent” efforts at social distancing – a change from his presser last week where he criticised beachgoers at Bondi for ignoring requirements.

“We’ve called on you as Australians to combine together in this effort, and your response over the past week has been magnificent,” Morrison said.

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