Climate change protests: Aussie kids are expected to skip school in their thousands

Sarah Kimmorley/ Business Insider

Tens of thousands of students across the country are planning to skip school and attend climate change protests on Friday, according to multiple reports.

There are at least 50 rallies planned across Australia, ABC News reports.

Global temperatures have been rising at an alarming rate in recent years and the children are concerned about what the world will look like when they become adults.

While many of the protesters are likely to be university students, a large number are also expected to be high school students.

NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes has warned that students who miss school in order to attend protests will be breaking the law.

“The law is clear and always had been, kids are required to be at school on school days,” he told 2GB.

“Turn up to school. Don’t rob yourself of the opportunities to get a great quality education.”

But some schools in Sydney, including some of the city’s most exclusive private schools, are encouraging students to attend the protests.

Students in Australia protested against climate change last November, defying calls from the Prime Minister for them to stay in school.

Climate change protests are set to take place in 100 other countries around the world on Friday.

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