Keep this chart in mind when listening to Australia's budget tonight

Treasurer Scott Morrison will hand down Australia’s federal budget later today.

When he steps up to the Despatch Box at 7.30pm AEST, keep the chart below in mind.

CoreLogic, Twitter

Posted on Twitter today by Cameron Kusher, Research Analyst at CoreLogic, it simply shows Australia’s population profile by age.

He’s marked Australia’s current retirement age — 65 — with a red line.

While there are likely to be more “winners” than “losers” in this pre-election budget, especially compared to recent years, leaks this morning suggest the government will announce a multi-billion dollar package aimed at improving retirement lifestyles and people‚Äôs ability to continue working late in life, according to several sources.

As my colleague Paul Colgan noted today, the move appears to be an attempt to re-energise support among baby boomer voters ahead of Australia’s federal election next year.

Kusher, however, would like to see a more even spread of benefits delivered to the broader Australian population, rather than the cohort which tends to be conservative voters by nature.

“Federal Budgets always seem to have a lot for the population to the right of the red line, why not focus a lot more on the much bigger cohort to the left of that line? Or for the emerging cohort to the left of the black line?,” he says.

While there’s always room for surprises, here’s what we know is in the budget based off leaks received so far.

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