This Is The Biggest Truffle Ever Found In Australia, And Sampling Starts Tomorrow

Ted Smith of Yelverton Truffles at Robertson, NSW Southern Highlands.

The largest truffle ever found in Australia, weighing 1.172kg, has been found near Robertson in the NSW Southern Highlands.

A local restaurant is taking delivery of the black perigord monster today, and the chef is planning to start serving it in dishes this week.

Ted Smith of Yelverton Truffles says he couldn’t believe his eyes eyes when the huge truffle was uncovered.

He didn’t even need his sniffer dog because the truffle broke the soil, edging above the ground.

“It is a perfect specimen with fantastic aroma,” he says. “Our scales couldn’t cope with the size of this truffle.

“We quickly drove to the local Post Office and had the truffle weighed on their scales, as we new they would be accurate to the gram.”

There was strong interest from restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne but Smith settled on local restaurant, Centennial Vineyards Restaurant at Bowral, run by chef Robin Murray.

Neither will say what was paid but at roughly $2,000 a kilo, the 1.172kg truffle is worth about $2,344.

Murray is taking delivery today and is planning a series of daily menu specials at Centennial Vineyards Restaurant using the giant truffle as a highlight, while it’s still fresh over the the next few weeks.

They will be simple dishes including truffle and scrambled eggs, truffle omelet and truffle and puff pastry.

“I want people to enjoy it and not just keep it in a jar,” he told Business Insider Australia. “I’m very excited about the whole thing.”

He will also sell 10 gram pieces for $25.

Murray is a truffle enthusiast and last year hosted the Australian Truffle Association annual dinner.

He received an email from the grower, Ted Smith, on Saturday and closed the sale on Sunday with both of them wanting to keep the truffle in the local district. “The whole idea is to keep it and use it as local as possible,” Murray says. “I see the truffle as a good marketing tool with the truffle being Australia’s largest. It’s all about beating the drum here for the Southern Highlands. And I’m a lover of truffle.

“It’s fantastic for Ted (Smith) as well. It’s his third harvest and he pulls out Australia’s largest truffle.”

The world’s largest truffle weighed 1.31 kilograms and was found near Buje, Croatia, in 1999.

The cold climate, pristine environment and rich red soil around Robertson are considered ideal for growing truffles.

Yelverton Truffles grows premier French Black Perigord Truffles (Tuber Melanosporum) under Ilex and Robur Oak trees. The farm also has some Burgundy truffles (Tuber Astivum).

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