One Of The Most Ruthless Takedowns Of An NBA Draft Prospect You'll Ever Read

Austin Rivers Duke basketball

Photo: YouTube

Austin Rivers is probably one of the three most polarising players in the NBA Draft.Some people love his game off the dribble, and others — like ESPN’s Chad Ford — think he’s a wannabe Kobe who will never make it in the NBA.

Here’s the bleak picture that Ford painted of Rivers’ career in a Grantland article yesterday:

I think Rivers will be shocked at the athleticism and length at his position. He’ll try to do the same things at which he excelled in high school, spend a lot of time on the bench, get into it with his coach and teammates, get traded in a year or two to a desperate team, put up huge numbers for a cellar-dweller for a year or two, make some money, and eventually, teams will realise he can’t be the alpha dog on a winning team.


Rivers was a top-3 recruit coming out of high school. But his freshmen year at Duke was underwhelming — he averaged 15 points and 2 assists on 43% shooting, and developed a reputation as a ball hog.

He’s projected to go anywhere from the top 10 to the late teens tonight.

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