Texas Man Finds Stolen Sports Car On EBay 42 Years Later

stolen sports car ebayRussell’s recovered sports car

Photo: AP Images

A Texas man finally recovered his beloved 1967 Austin-Healey sports car after 42 years of searching. Robert Russell’s prized possession was stolen from his Philadelphia home in 1970, the morning after he took his now-wife on their second date, the Associated Press reported Monday morning.

Russell, 66, originally bought the car from a friend for $3,000. After it was stolen, the retired sales manager spent years scouring the Internet, often checking eBay to see if someone was selling his car.

A few weeks ago, he hit pay dirt when he spotted an eBay ad for his car, according to the AP. The car was being sold from a Beverly Hills car dealership.

But his fight was far from over.

While he had the original key and car title, Russell didn’t have the police report from when his car was stolen.

To make matters worse, the car theft wasn’t counted in the FBI’s national crime index because one vehicle identification number was entered into the database incorrectly, the AP reported.

However, the report was eventually recovered, allowing Russell to recoup his car, now worth $23,000.

“It still runs, but the brakes don’t work well,” Russell told the AP. “We’re going to put it back the way it was.”

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