Aussies are leaving their homeland in droves for the greener pastures of New Zealand

Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

The number of Australian residents migrating permanently or long-term to New Zealand has outnumbered those heading in the other direction for the third consecutive month.

Net migration from Australia to New Zealand increased by 110 people in June, in seasonally adjusted terms, according to Statistics NZ. In April, migration to Aotearoa recorded its first net gain since June 1991. This was followed up by another net increase of 120 people in May.

Over the past year net migration from New Zealand to Australia has slowed to just 1,150 people, the lowest number seen since December 1991. Only 22 months ago the number of permanent and long-term departures from New Zealand to Australia numbered 40,130.

Whatever the reason for the sharp reversal – be it perceived better economic conditions or Australian rugby fans switching allegiances to the All Blacks before this year’s rugby world cup – it looks like annual net migration from Australia to New Zealand will go positive in the months ahead.

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