Aussie TV Exec’s Memoir Details Feuds, Fights And Why A Former PM Hates Kochie

Melissa Doyle and David Koch. Photo: Getty Images.

Former Australian breakfast television producer Adam Boland reveals a slew of behind-the-scenes incidents in his new memoir, including former MP Kevin Rudd’s tirade against a rooter and the reason John Howard has never forgiven Sunrise host David Koch.

Boland, often labelled the “wunderkind” of breakfast TV, was a central figure behind the success of Seven’s Sunrise. He later tried to replicate that success at Ten, but suffered from mental health issues and left the show and the industry.

Boland’s book divulges details about his past experiences as an executive producer on popular morning show, Sunrise and providing first-hand accounts of some silly situations, Fairfax Media reports.

Boland details how former Rudd swore at a rooster while trekking the Kokoda trail with Joe Hockey: “Someone f—ing shut that f—ing rooster up or I will f—ing shoot it!” Rudd ordered.

He describes a joke David Koch told about John Howard’s wife and then-opposition leader Kim Beazley, which lead to Howard permanently snubbing Koch:
Koch suggested Howard’s wife had touched Beazley’s genitals and was ordered by Seven owner Kerry Stokes to write a letter of apology.

In the memoir, Brekky Central, Boland details the plan to axe Sunrise host Melissa ‘Mel’ Doyle. It prompted the Seven Network to file a pre-emptive court order against Boland, but the case has since been dropped.

Boland said Mel was considered “passive” by Melbourne viewers, who enjoyed the way Channel Nine’s Today presenter Lisa Wilkinson stood up to co-host Karl Stefanovic.

Despite this, Boland says Mel continued to be popular with national audiences and the split was due to “the Kochie and Mel partnership appearing increasingly out of balance”.

The memoir goes into detail about the Star Wars-themed feud between news presenters Samantha Armytage and Chris Bath and the time Boland almost came to blows with the current host of Family Feud, Grant Denyer, in Hawaii over a misunderstanding.