Aussie startup founder who claims he'll connect you with celebrities caught out in agonising TV interview

Founder, Brandon Reynolds cringe-worthy to watch. Picture: Nine

Australian startup Sociabl, the service which claims it can connect you to celebrities for a fee, was demolished by Today Show host David Campbell yesterday.

The app’s creator, 19 year old Brandon Reynolds, appeared on the show to talk about his app. Host Campbell smashed him with questions about why his name was featured as someone you could talk to when he had never heard of it.

“According to Brandon you can pay $500 to talk to me through his app and $250 will go to a charity of my choice,” Campbell explained to viewers.

Reynolds enthusiastically acknowledged this. He also acknowledged Campbell’s father, singer Jimmy Barnes, was also listed as one of the celebrities to watch.

But Campbell had checked with his dad – Barnes had no idea the app existed either.

Similarly, Sociabl advertises American rapper Will.I.Am as signed up to the service. Reynolds even claims he had organised it officially through his manager, but Today asked his management and they responded they had no idea about the app.

It was the same story with politicians Christopher Pyne and Bill Shorten, both of whom were claimed as having signed up for Sociabl, but had no idea about its existence.

We wrote earlier this month that Sociabl, was one of five Aussie startups to watch due to its a-list celebrities allegedly signed up and half its proceeds going to charity. It certainly is one to watch now.

You can see the whole trainwreck of an interview over at Nine Jumpin.

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