August So Slow Businesses Turning To "Seinfeld" For Inspiration

Maybe we just have Seinfeld on the brain, even though we haven’t watched an episode in days—honest. But we’ve noticed three business developments over the past 24 hours with a strong Seinfeld connection. And as any blogger (or New York Times Style writer) will tell you: three is a trend.

Have businesses turned to the show about nothing during a week in which nothing’s going on? You decide.

First, Cotswolds auction house in the UK is selling a slice of cake from the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. It’s expected to fetch up to 2,000 pounds (or roughly $3,700). That’s nowhere near the $29,000 J. Peterman paid for his piece of royal cake from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s wedding. But still, here’s hoping no one sneaks in to the Cotswolds’ fridge and accidentally eats it. (See the video of the comparable Seinfeld plotline below.)

Second, rickshaws have become the preferred means of transportation in Denver with convention attendees grinding traffic to a halt. (You’ll recall that Kramer and Newman planned to set up a rickshaw business in New York only to have a homeless man they planned to have pull one of the rickshaws steal the cart–see video below. If that happened in Denver, rest assured Obama and Biden would use it as an example of the economic problems caused by the Bush administration.)

Finally, this afternoon, Stockpickr, noticing that stocks in Jerry Seinfeld-endorsed brands like Microsoft and AmEx were doing well in the market, compiled an index of Jerry Seinfeld stocks. We don’t have a video for this, except for the whole freakin’ series. But we did wonder why Apple (AAPL) was absent. (They also left off Sony (SNE), whose television division produced the show, but details, details…)



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