August NY Tech Meetup: Change Good, Startups Hard

A new format and relatively small summer crowd.  Instead of a handful of startups presenting, the crowd of about 200-250 broke off into 20 groups to discuss topics ranging from Facebook development to “coworking” to multimedia content to tech M&A. Lots of enthusiasm about the minigroup idea, but the Cooper Union auditorium’s acoustics meant it was often impossible to hear what someone sitting three seats away from you had said. Rachel Sterne covered the meetup for GroundReport TV‘s live Webcast. Notable absences included NextNY ringleader Charlie O’Donnell and USV’s Fred Wilson, who boasted via Twitter about their Mets-Braves tickets.

I spent the bulk of the evening in a group discussing NY’s pros and cons as a place to start up a tech company. Everyone lamented about staffing difficulties: There’s no way to compete with established companies re: salaries.  Even if you find an entrepreneurial coder who wants to start the next big thing, they still need more money than a coder working in, say, Chicago. People also seemed frustrated with the lack of a tech community and professional collaboration (beyond monthly meetups) among NY startups, versus the Valley, where everyone seems to work in the tech industry.

Well, we’re here to fix that, so we would appreciate your suggestions. What sorts of events would be helpful? More pub crawls?  More technical meetings about specific topics, like the ones Amit Gupta has hosted for Facebook developers? Better help finding short-term, shared office space? Or something completely different? Feel free to email anytime at [email protected]