9 Quirky Augmented Reality Apps For Your Smartphone


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We’ve rounded up some interesting apps that take advantage of your smartphone’s ability to overlay digital information on top of the real world.Not unlike Google’s terminator glasses.

Augmented reality, or AR, can be used for navigation, education, and even entertainment.

Here are 9 apps that cover those bases.

Spyglass packs a lot of functionality into one app

If you're a total navigation nerd, you'll love Spyglass, which overlays analogue directional data onto the real world, such as a viewfinder, compass, and angular calculator.

Price: $3.99

Golf nuts will want the Golfscape GPS Finder

How far to the tee? Golfscape knows the answer to that question for over 37,000 courses.

Price: $3.99

This app makes it easy to find your parked car

Talk about an app that solves a problem. Park your car and tag your location, and Find Your Car With AR will visually lead you back to it.

Price: free

ARBasketball hearkens back to a classic game

If anyone remembers the Milton Bradley game 'Hot Shot' from the 90s, here's an updated take on it -- toss virtual basketballs into a virtual hoop on your actual desk.

Price: free

SpotCrime is not for the paranoid

If you never want to feel safe again, use SpotCrime to see visual representations in the real world of where various crimes have taken place in the past.

Price: $2.99

Wikitude World Browser is excellent for travellers

Android users has have a plethora of AR apps at their disposal too -- Wikitude World Browser turns the world into walkable Wikipedia. See an interesting landmark? Point your phone at it and it accesses the according Wikipedia page.

Price: free

Google built Sky Map for astronomy enthusiasts

Sky Map gives you a new and intelligent window on the night sky. Find Orion's Belt with ease!

Price: free

If you like satellites, you'll love this app

If you still want to point your Android at the sky, use Satellite AR to track satellites as they fly over you in real time.

Price: free

AR isn't just for smartphones -- check it out on the PS Vita

This doesn't even scratch the surface of augmented reality

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