Check Out The Sweet Bonus Schedule HipCricket Gave Its New COO

tom deluca

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Tom DeLuca, the former COO of Ogilvy & Mather’s social media unit, [email protected], joined Augme on Sept. 10 as its COO, and as the COO of its HipCricket mobile ad division.He succeeds Robert Hussey, who resigned as the interim COO. DeLuca was formerly vp marketing worldwide at Warner Bros and vp/digital media at Lions Gate.

Here’s his compensation package, per an SEC disclosure. It totals about $550,000 in cash if he hits all his bonuses. There’s about $1 million in options on the table, too, at $1.50/share, but they’re currently under water (AUGT is trading at the time of writing at $1.07).

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Base Salary: $350,000 during the first year; $402,500, after that, and then automatic 15% raises every year.
  • Bonuses: If HipCricket gets $27.2 million in revenues during the fiscal year ended February 2013: $50,000 in cash. If HipCricket gets $21.3 million in revenues during the six months ending August 2013: $50,000 in cash. If HipCricket gets $1 million in “profitable cashflow” in the quarter ending May 2013: $50,000 in cash. If HipCricket gets¬†$3 million in profitable cash flow during the quarter ending November 2013: $50,000 in cash.
  • Options vesting over time: 625,000¬† in options at $1.50 a share.


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