Totally Football Show and No Such Thing as a Fish podcasts help AudioBoom's revenue jump 329%

Wiki CommonsThe QI ‘elves’ recording ‘No Such Thing as a Fish.’

LONDON — On-demand podcast platform AudioBoom has reported a record 329% jump in third quarter revenues, thanks to signing key new podcasts like the Totally Football Show and hanging on to classics like No Such Thing as a Fish.

A boom in the popularity of podcasts helped the platform’s number of monthly users grew from 81 million to 90 million between the second and third quarters of the year, AudioBoom said on Thursday, while advertising impressions were up 24%.

AudioBoom highlighted the success of The Totally Football Show, a new twice weekly football show hosted former Guardian Football Weekly chair James Richardson. The show, which AudioBoom helps produce, debuted at the start of August at the top of the UK iTunes chart, and now has two million downloads per month.

AudioBoom also re-signed No Such Thing as a Fish, a weekly podcast presented by the researchers on BBC comedy panel show QI. That title has six million downloads per month.

“This growth is directly impacting our financial performance and our quarter on quarter revenue growth continues,” said Rob Proctor, CEO of AudioBoom. “This increasing momentum, together with record advance bookings for the final quarter of the year, means we are increasingly confident for the remainder of the current financial year and beyond.”

AudioBoom hosts almost 11,500 channels produced by leading broadcasters including the BBC and Associated Press, as well as celebrities such as Russell Brand.

In the US, an important re-signing was Undisclosed, which investigates wrongful convictions and the criminal justice system, and newly acquired morning show Dave & Chuck The Freak. AudioBoom also reported rapid growth in India, while Australia’s leading podcast producer, Planet Broadcast, has also signed up to its platform.

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