Listen To The Haunting Audio Of A Symphony Crowd Learning Of President Kennedy's Assassination

On November 22, 1963, a concert by the Boston Symphony Orchestra was being broadcasted for WGBH radio. As the orchestra played to a crowded symphony hall, the BSO’s music director Erich Leinsdorf gave pause as he was forced to break what would be historic news to those gathered to hear the music.

Time tells the amazing backstory today.

“We have a press report from over the wire,” Leinsdorf begins. “…the President of the United States has been the victim of an assassination.”

It is a rare and chilling experience to hear the crowd’s reaction to Leinsdorf’s announcement. Immediately following the news, the orchestra begins to play The Funeral March from Beethoven’s third symphony.

You can listen to it in full below, and read Time’s story here.

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