The Look On Jamie Dimon’s Face, When Someone Asks Him About ‘Shadow Banking With The Burmese Junta’

Dimon looks so confused.

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DealBook put on a conference today and some of the biggest names in the financial services and business community were there talking about the economy following the election. To attend, you had to apply for an invite.

During the Q&A session with JPMorgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon, the first audience member to speak asked Dimon about the Burmese Junta and the bank’s exposure to SAC Capital.   

Here’s what we’ve transcribed: 

DIMON: Why don’t you stand up so they know where you are.

SORKIN: Please introduce yourself if you could.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: …With Secretary of State Hilary Clinton going to Burma and Barack Obama visiting Burma as well, there’s a rumour about you shadow banking with the Burmese Junta and I’d like to second follow up with that on….

DIMON: There’s a rumour about what?

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Shadow banking with the Burmese Junta.

DIMON: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

[audience laughs]

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Also, with the recent insider trading scandal at SAC, I was wondering what kind of exposure JPMorgan would have to that?

DIMON: Hopefully none.  I don’t know exactly what the facts about what’s going on around there so I don’t want to comment, but hopefully none.

SORKIN: OK. Thank you for that. 

We’ve also included screenshots of Dimon and Sorkin’s facial expressions.  You can watch the full interview here.  (Start at the 26:40 minute mark for the Q&A.) 

This is when the audience member starts asking the question…

greg waltman

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Dimon looks confused

dimon confused

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Here’s Sorkin’s expression as the audience member goes on to ask about SAC Capital.


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