You Won't Believe Where Audi Is Going To Unleash This Insanely Powerful Driverless Car!

RS7c140038AudiIt can drive itself — fast.

Audi announced this week that it will unleash one of its fire-breathing RS7 sports sedans upon the track at Germany’s world-famous Hockenheimring race track.

But it gets better. The automaker has loaded the car up with a full complement of autonomous vehicle technology — it’s a step toward the “self-driving car” than companies like Google have been working on. Except that instead of being a Prius going 30 miles around Silicon Valley, the RS7 will be flying around a race track breakneck speed.

And it’s going to do it without the guidance of a driver.

The demonstration event will happen at this weekend’s DTM German Touring Car race at the track. Audi will broadcast the high speed driverless demonstration live this Sunday on Audi Media TV.

Many people in the auto industry believe driverless technology will be the wave of the future.

Unfortunately, most of the driverless cars introduced, Audi's included, have so far been fairly innocuous family cars.

Until now.

Audi has installed a host of autonomous driving tech, collectively called 'piloted driving'... its high-powered RS7 performance sedan.

The result is what Audi called the 'sportiest' driverless car in the world!

Power for the RS7 comes from a 4-liter twin-turbocharged V8.

The 560hp engine will push the RS7 to a top speed of 189 mph.

However, the driverless is RS7 is only expected to hit 150 mph on the Hockenheim track.

To navigate the circuit, the RS7 uses a series of GPS signals that triangulates the car's track position.

According to Audi, the system is accurate down to a centimeter.

The Hockenheimring is quite a track -- with quite a history.

The track is home to Formula One's German Grand Prix... well as a stop on Germany's lauded DTM touring car series.

The track demonstration will take place before this weekend's season-ending DTM race.

As awesome as the piloted driving tech is at tearing up the track... has numerous everyday applications that can be of great use.

Audi engineers envision piloted driving tech as a feature that can help cut down on the stress of dealing with rush-hour traffic.

In stop and go traffic of up to 37 mph, the 'traffic jam pilot' features can take over steering, braking, and acceleration from the driver.

In crowded mall parking lots, the car's autonomous tech can squeeze into the tightest of spots.

Here's a quick preview video of what's in store for this weekend...

(video provider='youtube' id='bZCbc7nklCw' size='xlarge' align='center')

It is unlikely, due to cost and legal regulations, that a driverless car like this RS7 will hit public roads in the near future. However, many of its features will make their way -- in bits and pieces -- into our everyday driving experience. Can't wait!

Here's a car I'd want to drive myself...

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